Behind the scene

Great barrier reef inspired

One of the best sellers

Autumn collection

Simple circle necklace and double balls ring

This is where I work (studio photo) and showroom

Pink stars

Handpainted ballerinas


Pink ones

Statement pieces

Porcelain dangle

Solid gold studs & Necklace

origami earrings

behind the scene

solid Gold minial necklace

Porcelain mini pendants

Sterling silver double circle necklace

Porcelain dangle

Gold & precious stone collection (3mm rosecut)

Gold & precious stone collection (3mm cabochon)

Gold & precious stone collection (rosecut)

White classic porcelain dangle

Porcelain marble dangle earrings

behind the scene ( setting a stone)

Entirely handbuild, no mould nor cutter, unique piece in the world

Porcelain dangle earring collection (earrings I like them to be statement piece)

Porcelain studs collection

Porcelain necklace collection ( necklace I like them to be dainty)

Sterling silver earring collection (minimalist yet contemporary, you know me:)

Silve stacking ring collection (simple stackable rings, solid sterling silver)

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